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Go go

Go go is a form of funk music which arose in the 1980s in Washington D.C. In the late 1970s, funk had gone electronic, influenced by then popular disco acts, and began using drum machines, synthesizers and other instruments that many purists derided. Go go arose as an alternative that stuck to the James Brown-inspired roots of funk, with the psychedelic rock influences of George Clinton intact.

The first go go LP is said to be Bustin' Loose by Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers (1979, 1979 in music). The title track reached #34 on the charts. Soon artists, like EU (Experience Unlimited), Rare Essence and Trouble Funk gained fame in the D.C. area, though perhaps only EU matched the national success of Brown. EU had a #35 hit in 1988 with "Da Butt" from the movie School Daze. Artists like D.C. Scorpio began mixing the sound with hip hop, followed by hip-hop/go go hybrids by Salt-N-Pepa and Body and Soul.

This original scene in the 1980s was accompanied by an epidemic of PCP abuse, which remains extraordinarily high in Prince George's County and other areas around Washington D.C.

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A go-go dancer is a scantily-clad dancer, often in an erotic revue. In Thailand, a go-go boy is a young man working as a prostitute. [1]