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In Greek mythology, the Gigantes were giants who sprang forth from the blood of the wounded Uranus after being castrated by Cronus.

The Gigantes later attacked the gods of Mt. Olympus, trying to reach them by stacking the two mountain ranges of Thessaly, Pelion and Ossa, on top of each other. With the help of Heracles though, the Gigantes were defeated.

Enceladus, one of the Gigantes, was placed beneath Mt. Etna. The rumbling of the volcano was caused by him rolling around. Athos, another one of the Gigantes, threw a mountain at Zeus, who knocked it to the ground near Macedonia. This mountain was the holy peak of Mount Athos.

The Gigantes were Alcyoneus ("mighty ass"), Clytias, Enceladus, Echion and Athos

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