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Gerry Marshall

Gerry Marshall (b. November 16, 1941) is a British saloon car racing driver, considered by many to be one of the best drivers of all time, according to a recent magazine poll. His professional driving career spans four decades, in 2000 chalking up his 600th win in a race at Snetterton, Norfolk in an Aston Martin DB4. His first win was in 1964, driving a Mini.

However, he is probably best remembered for his flamboyant and crowd-pleasing style during the 1970s driving for Dealer Team Vauxhall in the racing Firenzass "Old Nail" and "Baby Bertha", and also the ill-fated V8 Holden-Repco Ventora, "Big Bertha". He also won the 1971 Escort Mexico championship, driving for the same team as the equally respected rally driver Roger Clarke. Marshall's style has been described as "sideways, on-the-edge cornering style that was to distinguish his driving in any car, large or small, front or rear drive. This outward appearance belied an extraordinary cool-headed ability and intelligence behind the wheel. His biography, published in 1978, is titled Only Here For The Beer.