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George Town, Penang

George Town is the capital city of the state of Penang in Malaysia. Named after King George III of Great Britain, the city is located on the north-east corner of Penang Island and has about 220,000 inhabitants, or about 400,000 including the suburbs.

George Town was founded in 1786 by Captain Francis Light, a trader for the British East India Company, as base for the company in the Malay States. He rented the island of Penang from the sultan of Kedah and built Fort Cornwallis on the northeastern corner of the island. The fort became the nexus of a growing trading post and the island's population reached to 12,000 by 1804.

George Town was granted city status on January 1, 1957 by a royal charter of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

Due to strict rent controls, George Town retains many colonial-era shophouses to this day and is often considered an architectural gem. Most of George Town's population is of Chinese origin.

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