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Game Developer Magazine

Game Developer Magazine is a monthly periodical for the video game industry. Subscriptions are only available to game industry professionals, but individual issues can be bought by the general public at some newstands. Many developers receive a subscription free of charge as part of IGDA membership.

It contains articles on various game development subjects, such as programming, and art and sound creation. It has articles by notable game industry figures and reviews on game development related books, tools and software packages. The magazine's most popular feature is probably its monthly "Post Mortem" column which discusses the recent development of a computer or video game with the top five each of "What Went Right" and "What Went Wrong." The back page "Soapbox" is also a popular feature.

Gamasutra, the sister publication web site of Game Developer, acts as an archive for past articles. It also has a popular job listing board, which also is only available to game industry professionals.

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