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Funen (Danish: Fyn) is the second biggest island of Denmark.

The main city is Odense, connected to the sea by an artificial canal.

Funen is connected to Zealand (the biggest island) by the Great Belt Bridge (Danish: Storebæltbroen) for trains and cars. A low bridge from Funen to a small island Sprogø in the middle of the Great Belt (Danish: Storebælt) and a long suspension bridge (the second longest in the world at the opening) the rest of the way to Zealand. By train a low bridge and a tunnel connect the two islands.

Funen is also connected by two bridges to Jutland. An old bridge built in the 1930s shortly before the second world war for cars and trains, and a new suspension bridge build in the 1970s only for cars.

A row of cities is at the coast (clockwise): Kerteminde, Nyborg, Svendborg, Faaborg, Assens, Middelfart and Bogense.

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