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Fritz Hollings

Ernest Frederick Hollings (generally known as "Fritz Hollings") is a Democratic Senator from South Carolina.

Biographical Information

Born: January 1, 1922, Charleston, S.C

Education: The Citadel, B.A 1942; U. of South Carolina, LL.B 1947.

Military Service: Army, 1942-1945.

Occupation: Lawyer

Family: Wife, Rita "Peatsy" Liddy; four children

Religion: Lutheran

Political Career: S.C. House, 1945-1955; lieutenant governor, 1955-1958; governor, 1959-1963; sought Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate, 1962; sought Democratic nomination for president, 1984.

Hollings is noted for his support for legislation that is in the interests of the established media distribution industry, such as the proposed "Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act". He has been described by opponents as the 'Senator from Disney'. Hollings is also sponsoring the Online Personal Privacy Act (S. 2201).

In August 2003, then 81, Hollings announced that he would not seek reelection to the Senate in 2004.

-- much more needs to be written about this senator, his sources of funding, etc. 

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