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French Foreign Legion

The French Foreign Legion (F. Légion Étrangère) is a military unit of the French Army.

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2 Composition
3 Reality and myths
4 Current Deployments
5 Notable Members of the Légion Étrangère
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While most of its commissioned officers are French, the rest of the Legion is made up of men from a wide variety of nationalities (including French). After serving in the Legion for a three years, the legionnaire is allowed to apply for French citizenship. A legionnaire, as the soldiers of the Legion are known, can enter the service under a pseudonym, and after four years of service can change this name at will. In the past, the Legion had a reputation for attracting criminals on the run and would-be mercenaries. In recent years, however, admission has been restricted much more severely and background checks are done on all applicants.


There are eight regiments:

Reality and myths

The proposition that "French legislation prohibits the Legion from French mainland soil, and it is therefore based on Corsica" is obviously false: The idea was that the Legion could not be used against French people, not that it could not be based on the mainland.

Current Deployments

These deployments are current as of December 2002

Notable Members of the Légion Étrangère

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