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Frederick VIII of Denmark

Frederik VIII (June 3, 1843 ó May 14, 1912), king of Denmark, eldest son of King Christian IX, was born at Copenhagen. As Crown Prince of Denmark he took part in the war of 1864 against Austria and Prussia, and subsequently assisted his father in the duties of government, becoming king on Christianís death in January 1906. On July 28, 1869 Frederik married Lovisa of Sweden (October 31, 1851 - March 20, 1926), daughter of Carl XV, King of Sweden and Carl IV, King of Norway, by whom he had a family of four sons and four daughters.

His eldest son Christian, crown prince of Denmark (September 26, 1870 - April 20, 1947), was married on April 26, 1898 to Alexandrine (December 24, 1879 - December 28, 1952), daughter of Friedrich Franz III, Grand-Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (March 19, 1851 - April 10, 1987); and his second son, Charles (August 3, 1872 - September 21, 1957), who married his cousin Maud, daughter of Edward VII of the United Kingdom, became king of Norway as Haakon VII in 1905.

On his return journey from a trip abroad, Frederik VIII died in Hamburg.

Preceded by:
Christian IX
List of Danish monarchs Succeeded by:
Christian X