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Frederick I, Margrave of Baden

Frederick I, Margrave of Baden (1249 - October 29, 1268, margrave from October 4, 1250), the only son of Margrave Herman VI of Baden and of Gertrude of Austria (the only daughter of Duke Henry "the Godless" of Austria), grew up at the Bavarian court with his friend Conradin. In 1250 he also became (in right of his mother), titular duke of Austria and Styria.

After accompanying Conradin on his Italian expedition, Frederick passed into captivity on September 8, 1268 at Astura to the south of Anzio. Handed over to Charles of Anjou, he remained in degrading imprisonment in the Castell dell 'Ovo in Naples until publicly beheaded in the Piazza del Mercato in Naples on October 29.