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Four Symbols

The fourth album released by the British blues/rock band Led Zeppelin is variously referred to as Four Symbols, Runes, Zoso (after the approximate shape of the symbols used as a title) or simply IV, although none of these were its official title. After using Roman numeration for their second and third albums, the band members specifically did not wish the next album release to be called Led Zeppelin IV, in order to confuse critics who predicted it would be called that. The original pressing did not have a readable title or the name Led Zeppelin anywhere on the outside, instead featuring four hand-drawn symbols (one designed by and representing each band member). These symbols inspired the various informal names used for the album. However, in subsequent press interviews since the album's release, both Jimmy Page and Robert Plant have referred to the album as Four Symbols.

The album remains a perennial favorite on classic rock radio, and features "Stairway to Heaven", widely recognized as one of the greatest rock music songs ever recorded.

Released on November 8, 1971 by Atlantic Records

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Track Listing

  1. "Black Dog" (Page/Plant/Jones) - 4:54
  2. "Rock and Roll" (Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham) - 3:40
  3. "The Battle of Evermore" (Page/Plant) - 5:51
  4. "Stairway to Heaven" (Page/Plant) - 8:00
  5. "Misty Mountain Hop" (Page/Plant/Jones) - 4:38
  6. "Four Sticks" (Page/Plant) - 4:44
  7. "Going to California" (Page/Plant) - 3:31
  8. "When the Levee Breaks" (Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham/Minnie) - 7:07

Total album length: 42:38 minutes


Chart positions

Billboard Music Charts (North America) - album

1971	Four Symbols	The Billboard 200       	No. 2

Billboard (North America) - singles

1972	Black Dog	Pop Singles	                No. 15
1972	Rock and Roll	Pop Singles	                No. 47

Additional notes