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Four noes and one without

The "four noes and one without" (四不一沒有 Pinyin: s b, y miyǒu) is a pledge by President of the Republic of China Chen Shui-bian made in his inauguration speech on May 20, 2000 concerning the political status of Taiwan. It has been an important part of cross straits relations.

Provided that the People's Republic of China does not attack Taiwan, Chen's administration would not do the following things (the "four noes"):

In addition, the "one without" was that Chen pledged not to abolish the National Unification Council or the National Unification guidelines.

The "four noes and one without" has become an important part of Taiwan-US relations. Several times, Chen has had to reassure the United States that the "four noes and one without" policy has not been abolished. The phrase that the United States used with regard is that the United States "appreciates Chen's pledge and takes it very seriously."

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