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Flying Finn (airline)

Flying Finn is a low cost airline, based in Helsinki-Vantaa airport, Finland. Founded in 2002, the carrier flies mostly domestic routes.. Its cheap air fares are based on the fact that the e-tickets are only sold in the Internet and phone. The airline claimed a successful beginning, as the passengers who formerly bought bus and train tickets now buy cheaper flights.

The president of the company is Mikko Vartiainen. The flight captains have been employed from Finnair. It has many celebrities as shareholders, e.g. Juha Kankkunen, a rally driver. Its competitors include Finnair, Ryanair and Söder Airlines.

It operates two leased McDonnell Douglas MD-83 planes (OH-LMR and OH-LMS) bought from Finnair. It runs daily flights between Helsinki and Oulu. It also runs limited services between Helsinki and Rovaniemi, Kuopio and London.

In January 2004, faced with the threat of the termination of its plane lease and operating license for unpaid debts, the financially ailing airline cancelled its flights to London.

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