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A flare is a type of pyrotechnic that produces a long-duration brilliant light without an explosion. Flares are sometimes launched into the air with a rocket and then suspended from a small parachute to slow its descent, providing a temporary source of light for a large area of land. They are sometimes lit on the ground to use as a signal. Flares generally produce their light through the combustion of magnesium metal, sometimes colored by the inclusion of other metals.

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A gas flare is a tall chimney used by oil wells and refineries to vent waste natural gas and other flammable gases that are not economical to retain. The flammable gases are burned as they exit the chimney, producing a bright flame.

Also known as bellbottoms, flares are a style of pants in which the bottom ends of the legs broaden out into wide bell-like shapes.

A solar flare is an eruption of plasma from the surface of the sun. Solar flares result in a surge in the density and velocity of the solar wind, which can cause radiation damage to equipment located beyond Earth's magnetosphere.

A flare is also an aircraft landing maneuvre. It is a short skid of the tyres on the plane. The plane's wheels are preferrably stationary when landing to enhance the grip of the aircraft to the runway.

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