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Flag of Chechnya

Chechen Republic flag
since 2002

Flag of Chechen Republic is a rectagle with sides ratio 5:3. It consists of 5 horizontal stripes: green, red, white, red and green, width ratio is 4:1:1:1:1.

Green field represents islam.

This flag was introduced in 1990 and officially used by Akhmad Kadyrov administration.

Historic flags

Chechen-Ingush ASSR flag
in 1957-1978

In 1957-1978, flag of Chechen-Ingush ASSR represented flag of Russian SFSR with abbriviated name (НГ1АССР in Chechen and Ingush, and ЧИАССР in Russian) of the republic added.

In 1978 abbreviated names were replaced with full: ЧЕЧЕНО-ИНГУШСКАЯ АССР in Russian, НОХЧ-Г1АЛГ1АЙН АССР in Chechen, and НОХЧ-Г1АЛ1АЙ АССР in Ingush.

Unlike Soviet time, now constituent republics of the Russian Federation are not allowed to use flag of Russia in their flags.

Ichkeria flag
in 1991-2002

In period from 1990 to 2002 situation with the flag was unclear. There was an armed conflict in the republic, and so several flags were used by different sides, and even single side used different flags in the same time. Dudayev and Maskhadov used flag of Ichkeria.