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Fat Joe

Fat Joe is a Hispanic rapper from the Bronx, who was popular in the underground rap scene during the early and mid-1990s. After Joe's rap partner, the similarly large, Hispanic, Bronx-based rapper, Big Punisher, broke into the mainstream with his duet with the O'Jays, "I'm Not A Player" and its more popular remix, "Still Not A Player," featuring R&B singer Joe, Fat Joe began to make his move into the mainstream. His 1998 single, "Bet Ya Man Can't" which featured Big Pun, as well as other members of their entourage, such as Cuban Link and Triple Seis, was a small hit.

Shortly before Big Pun's death, Pun and Joe had a hit with Jennifer Lopez on a track off of her debut album, On The 6, called "Feelin' So Good".

With 2001's release of J.O.S.E. (Jealous Ones Still Envy), Joe scored two back-to-back hits with "We Thuggin'," which featured R&B superstar R. Kelly singing the chorus and "What's Luv," which featured up-and-coming R&B/pop star Ashanti on its chorus, and would go on to become one of 2002's biggest pop hits.

In late 2002, Joe released the album... and had a couple of minor hits with "Crush Tonite" (featuring Ginuwine) and "All I Need".