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F-94 Starfire

F-94 Starfire was an all-weather interceptor aircraft built by Lockheed. It was the first interceptor of this type to be used by the United States Air Force.

The F-94 was developed from the F-80 Shooting Star which was the first American aircraft that utilized a jet engine. The Starfire was fitted with a radar and was also one of the first aircraft that had an after-burner. Over 800 were produced. They were used mostly in domestic defense and were deployed in Air Defense Command Squadrons.

The F-94 was capable of reachin a maximum speed of 630 miles per hour, and had a range of 930 miles. It's service ceiling was 42,750 feet.

The T-33 trainer aircraft was designed from the F-94. The F-94 was retired from service in 1959.