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This article is about a foot as part of the human body. For foot as a unit of length see foot (unit of length). For foot as used in poetry see foot (poetry). If you were got here by searching for 'toe' and are looking for a topic in physics, you probably want to see theory of everything.

A right foot.

The feet (singular "foot") are the lower extremities of the leg, and are used by human beings for bipedal locomotion, also known as walking.

The pair foot and feet are one of seven mutated English plurals.

The structures of the human foot and hand are variations on the same basic five-digit anatomy, in common with many other vertebrates. They are also the most complex, comprising half the bones in the body.

In many animals, the parts of the body analogous to the feet and hands are often known as paws.

The medical speciality related to treatment of the feet is podiatry.

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