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F-84 Thunderjet

The F-84 Thunderjet was an American built fighter aircraft made by the Republic Aviation Company. It was the first new aircraft to be built after World War II, and it made it's first flight on February 26, 1946.

Over 4,000 were produced and they served in the United States Air Force and in the air forces of other nations which were allied to the US at that time. The Thunderjet had a distinguished record during the Korean War for it's role in interdiction missions. The Thunderjet was one of the first American fighters to be able to carry a tactical nuclear bomb.

The Thunderjet was eventually replaced by the F-100 and relegated to duty in the Air National Guard.

A swept-wing derivative of the Thunderjet was known as the F-84J Thunderstreak.

The Thunderjet could reach a maximum speed of 620 miles per hour, and had a range of 1,485 miles. It's service ceiling was 43,200 feet. It was armed with six .50 caliber machine guns, and could carry eight rockets or 2,000 lbs of bombs.

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