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Experience point

Experience points (often abbreviated as exp or xp) are a representation of a character's advancement in role-playing games. Experience points are generally awarded for the defeat of opponents or monsters, but may also be awarded for successful role-playing. Generally an accumulation of experience points increases a character's level (known as leveling). The points may also be spent on such pursuits as the creation of magical items.

In most games, as the difficulty of the challenge increases, the experience rewarded for completing it also increases. As players gain more experience points or levels, the amount of experience needed to level increases. Thus, as the player character strengthens from gaining experience, they are encouraged to accept tasks that are commensurate with their abilities in order to advance.

Some RPGs (notably MUDs and MMORPGs) place a limit on how much experience a character can gain from a single challenge, hoping that it will reduce the effectiveness of powerleveling.