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Every Breath You Take

"Every Breath You Take" is a song, written by Sting and originally performed by The Police. It was originally released on 1983's Synchronicity (see 1983 in music), a blockbuster album. The single was one of the biggest singles of 1983, topping the Billboard Music Charts (North America) for eight weeks. While the song sounds like a sedate and seemingly harmonious love ballad, the lyrics are actually describing the motivations of a stalker, who is watching "every breath you take/every move you make".

The song's hook was the basis for Puff Daddy's collaborative tribute to slain rapper Notorious B.I.G, also titled "Every Breath You Take", recorded with Faith Evans and 112. The song was performed with Sting himself at the Grammy Awards. As with many of Puff Daddy's releases, his song was criticized for a perceived over-reliance on the original.

Steve Huey of says:

"Guitarist Andy Summers picks a nearly identical arpeggio pattern on each chord he plays, and Sting's bass line keeps a steady eighth-note pulse without much rhythmic variation."