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Europa Universalis

Europa Universalis is a computer game by Paradox Entertainment and Strategy First. The game is classified as a region-based strategy game and takes place in "real time." The player takes control of one of more than 300 nations from all continents (although much of the game's emphasis is on European nations) and leads the state through history, controlling its military, diplomacy, economy, and state religion. The game's timespan is from 1492-1795.

Europa Universalis was followed by Europa Universalis II and a World War II variant entitled Hearts of Iron.

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Europa Universalis


Europa Universalis II

It was developed and published by same companies as its predecessor. The basic gameplay is the same with Europa Universalis with a number of enhancements such as the ability to convert a province's religion, longer timespan (from 1419 to 1819), the addition of events that affect gameplay and many others.

Hearts of Iron

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