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Rank: 8th
Ruled: July 17, 924-August 2, 924
Predecessor: Edward the Elder
Date of Birth: circa 904
Place of Birth: Wessex
Wife: Never married
Buried: Winchester Cathedral
Date of Death: August 2, 924
Parents: Edward the Elder and Elfleda

Ethelweard (904-924) was son of Edward the Elder. According to one version of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Ethelweard (a bookish boy) was appointed king.

Supposedly, he became a hermit at Bridgnorth, and was elected king by the witan after his father's death. He died in Oxford after being king for only sixteen days. Some say that he was assassinated upon the orders of his half-brother Athelstan. He was buried at Winchester.

Preceded by:
Edward the Elder
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