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Ethelbert of Wessex

Rank: 4th
Ruled: December 20, 860-865
Predecessor: Ethelbald
Date of Birth: circa 835
Place of Birth: Wessex, England
Wife: Never married
Buried: Sherborne Abbey
Date of Death: 865
Parents: Ethelwulf and Osburga

King Ethelbert of Wessex was a son of Ethelwulf of Wessex and was born in around 835 AD. He succeeded his brother, Ethelbald of Wessex, as King of Wessex in 860, but died without issue in about 865. His reign saw a Danish plundering of Kent and raids in Northumbria, both led by Ragnar Lodbrok. They had also penetrated as far as Winchester in Ethelbert's early reign.

Preceded by:
Ethelbald of Wessex
List of British monarchs Succeeded by:
Ethelred of Wessex