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Ethelwulf of Wessex

Rank: 2nd
Ruled: July, 839-856
Predecessor: Egbert
Date of Birth: 795
Place of Birth: Aachen, France
Wives: Osburga and Judith
Buried: Winchester Cathedral
Date of Death: January 13, 858
Parents: Egbert and Redburga

Ethelwulf was the elder son of King Egbert of Wessex. He was born some time around 800AD, and succeeded his father as King of Wessex in 839. He fought the invading Danes, whose raids increased considerably. A major victory for Ethelwulf was archived at "Acleah", probably Ockley. Ethelwulf also defeated Cyngen ap Cadell of Wales together with Mercia. After his wife's death, he went in a pilgrimage to Rome. In the return journey, he was deposed by his son. He died January 13, 858 and was buried at Winchester. The image here is an imaginary portrait drawn by an unknown artist.

Preceded by:
Egbert of Wessex
List of British monarchs Succeeded by:
Ethelbald of Wessex