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Erik Dahlberg

Erik Dahlberg in
Suecia Antiqua
et Hodierna.

Count Erik Dahlberg, (1625-1703), Swedish soldier and engineer, was born at Stockholm. His early studies took the direction of the science of fortification, and as an engineer officer he saw service in the latter years of the Thirty Years' War, and in Poland. As adjutant-general and engineer adviser to Charles X of Sweden, he had a great share in the famous crossing of the frozen Belts, and at the sieges of Copenhagen and Kronborg he directed the engineers, during the Northern War. In spite of these distinguished services, Dahlberg remained an obscure lieutenant-colonel for many years. His patriotism, however, proved superior to the tempting offers Charles II of England made to induce him to enter the British service, though, in that age of professional soldiering, there was nothing in the offer that a man of honour could not accept. At last his talents were recognized, and in 1676 he became director-general of fortifications. In the wars of the next twenty-five years Dahlberg again rendered distinguished service, alike in attack as in the Scanian War, at Helsingborg in 1677, and in the Great Northern War at Dunamünde in 1700 and defence as in the two sieges of Riga in 1700 in the came conflict. His work in repairing the fortresses of his own country, not less important, earned for him the title of the "Vauban of Sweden." and he was also the founder of the Swedish engineer corps. He retired as Field Marshal in 1702, and died the following year.

Erik Dahlberg was responsible for the fine collection of drawings called "Suecia Antiqua et Hodierna", or Ancient and Modern Sweden, published 1660-[[1716], and assisted Samuel Pufendorf in his "Histoire de Charles X Gustave". He wrote a memoir of his life (to be found in Svenska Bibliotek, 1757) and an account "Of the campaigns of Charles X". (ed. Lundblad, Stockholm, 1823).

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