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Eric XI of Sweden

Eric XI Ericsson the lame, or Erik Eriksson den läspe och halte in Swedish, was king of Sweden 1222-1250, with an interregnum 1229-1234. He was born 1216, and died February 2, 1250. Son to king Erik X of Sweden.

According to the chronicle "Erikskrönikan" he is said to have been partly lame, something which may have been against him during he reign. Eric was born after his fathers death, and because of his young age John I of Sweden from the house of Sverker was elected by the Swedish aristocracy, (against the will of the Pope, who wanted Eric as king).

When John II died in 1222, Eric was elected king, but was nevertheless not 100% supported. After being a juvenile king for seven years he was dethroned by the knight Canute II of Sweden who was elected king.

When Canute died 1234 Eric once again became king, and remained the official ruler until his death in 1250. He was buried in the monastery at Varnhem, in Westrogothia. He was the last of the Eric dynasty, which died out with him, since he did not have any children.

His sister Ingeborg had married the knight Birger Magnusson who become unofficial ruler of the country, and founder of the new dynasty, the Folkunga, when heir son Valdemar was elected king 1250.

Preceded by:
John I of Sweden
List of Swedish monarchs Succeeded by:
Valdemar I of Sweden