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Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson (born August 17, 1954) is an instrumental rock performer. He was born in Austin, Texas and formed his first band, The Electromagnets in 1973. Johnson then recorded The Electromagnets album in autumn 1974 and then started touring from 1975 until 1976. The Electromagnets then broke up in 1977 and for 1978 he recorded his first solo album and put out his first solo record Seven Worlds in April 1979 on the Warner Brothers label. Then later on, in 1985 he recorded his next solo album Tones which was released in April 1986. In 1987 he quit Warner Brothers and switched to Capitol Records before he recorded his next album in 1988-1989, Ah Via Musicom which was released in March of 1990. His second band was Alien Love Child. He formed the band in 1999.

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