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Epiphanius of Salamis

Epiphanius (born 310 in Palestine, died on Cyprus 402) was a Church Father and strong defender of orthodoxy, known for tracking down deviant teachings (heresies) wherever they could be traced. During a visit to Palestine in 394 he attacked Origen's followers and urged the bishop of Jerusalem to condemn his writings. Origen's writings were eventually condemned at the Fifth Ecumenical Council.

He was installed as bishop in Salamis on Cyprus in 367. He was versed in several languages including Hebrew, Syriac, Egyptian, Greek and Latin.

His most well-known book is Panarion which means "Medicine-chest" (also known as Adversus Haereses), a handbook for dealing with heretics, listing 80 heretical doctrines, some of which are not described in any other surviving documents from the time. This book was only recently (1987) translated into English.

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