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The entartistes are a satirical political group in Canada, who throw cream pies at political and cultural figures whom the group deems to be in need of public embarrassment.

Started by François Gourd, a co-founder of Canada's now-defunct Rhinoceros Party, the group was inspired by a similar movement, the entarteurs, in Belgium.

The group usually targets Canadian politicians, and has successfully pied former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, provincial premiers such as Jean Charest and Ralph Klein, and cabinet ministers such as Stéphane Dion, Allan Rock and Pierre Pettigrew, among other political figures. Quebec politicians are the most common targets, although other Canadian politicians have been pied as well. In addition, the group pied Sylvester Stallone during a 1998 promotional tour.

The group's English slogan is "The Pie's the limit!"

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