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Enrique A. Laguerre

Enrique Arturo Laguerre Velez (born May 3, 1906), better known as Enrique Laguerre, is a very famous Puerto Rican writer, poet, teacher and critic. As a writer, he is a novelist, a playwright and a newspaper columnist, for El Vocero.

Laguerre was born in the small town of Moca. He studied at various universities, receiving degrees from the Universidad de Puerto Rico and the Columbia University, obtaining each degree in arts. The degree received at the Columbia University was achieved at the age of 43.

He was a teacher from 1924 to 1988, both at the elementary school and university levels.

He has used the pen-names of Tristan Ronda, Luis Urayoan, Motial and Alberto Prado among others. Married for many years to the also famous writer Luz V. Romero Garcia, he also worked in many Puerto Rican publications before joining the El Vocero staff.

During the 1990s, he came back to the public eye, when many important figures of Puerto Rican life, such as former Governors Rafael Hernandez Colon and Luis A. Ferre, joined forces to try to convince the organizers of the Nobel prize to award one to Laguerre. Despite their efforts, however, Laguerre has not been awarded with that major award.

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