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Emperor Shang of Han China

Format of naming convention in English is under discussion at Wikipedia talk:Naming conventions (Chinese).

Emperor Shang of Han China, ch 漢殤帝, py. Hn Shāng d, wg. Han Shang-ti, (late October or early November 105 - August or September 106) was an emperor of the Chinese Han Dynasty and the fifth emperor of the Chinese Eastern Han Dynasty.

Placed on the throne by Empress Dowager Deng when he was just more than 100 days of age. The child was chosen over two older brothers of Liu Long, who were born from a consort. This was done to prolong the rule of the Empress-dowager?s family. Knowing that a child, let alone a baby could not rule, the power of Empress would be solidified.

Deng also brought up Liu Hu (劉祜 Lu H), twelve-year-old cousin of Shangdi and future Han Aidi, in the palace to be the successor of the throne in case of anything happened to the baby emperor. Liu Hu acceded when Shangdi passed away in August or September 106. Dowager Deng still remained as regent.

A decree by Deng during this reign shed light on bureaucratic inefficiency.

Personal information

Family name Liu (劉 li) in Chinese
Given name Long (隆 py. lng)
Era name Yanping (延平 py. yn png) 106-107
Father Emperor He of Han China (second son of)
Wives none
Children none
Duration of reign February - September 106
Temple name
Courtesy name
Posthumous name 孝殤 (py. xio shāng d), literary meaning: "filial and die-young"
Posthumous name in short 殤 (py. shāng) , literary meaning: "die-young"

Preceded by:
Emperor He of Han China
Eastern Han Dynasty Succeeded by:
Emperor An of Han China