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Emperor Guangwu of Han China

Format of naming convention in English is under discussion at Wikipedia talk:Naming conventions (Chinese).

Emperor Guangwu of Han China, ch 漢光武帝, py. hn gūang wŭ d, wg. Han Kuang-wu-ti, (AD 5 - AD 57) was an emperor of the Chinese Han Dynasty.

Personal information

Family name Liu (劉 li) in Chinese
Given name Xiu (秀 py. xu)
Era name Jianwu (建武 py. jan wŭ) 25-56
Jianwuzhongyuan (建武中元 py. jan wŭ zhōng yan) 56-58
Wives 1) Guo Shengtong, daughter of a merchant
2) Empress Yin Lihua
Children 10 sons, five by each wife
Duration of reign AD 25-AD 57
Temple name
Courtesy name
Posthumous name 光武 (py. gūang wŭ) , literary meaning: "shining martial"

Preceded by:
Eastern Han Dynasty Succeeded by:
Emperor Ming of Han China