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Emil Constantinescu

Emil Constantinescu (November 19, 1939 - Tighina, currently in Moldova) was a President of Romania between 1996 and 2000.

He graduated from law faculty of Bucharest University, then he started a career as geologist.

After 1989 revolution, Emil Constantinescu became founding member and vice president of the Civic Alliance, the most comprehensive organization of Romanian civic society. Acting chairman of the Romanian Anti-Totalitarian Forum, the first associative structure of the democratic opposition in Romania, at the time it is transformed into a political and electoral alliance - the Democratic Convention of Romania (DCR).

In 1992 he is elected rector of Bucharest University and became candidate of the DCR for the office of president of Romania. He loses the election to President Ion Iliescu, after a second round. In 1996, DCR wins the general elections for the two chambers of Parliament and Emil Constantinescu is elected president of Romania, defeating Ion Iliescu.

On the international level, he is committed to: the integration of Romania into the European Union and NATO structures; to the strengthening of bi-lateral links with other countries as well as to the implementation of tri-lateral political and economic agreements among states.