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Elias Disney

Elias Disney (February 6, 1859 - September 13, 1941) was born in Ontario, Canada, to Kepple Disney II and Mary Richardson. He became a farmer and a businessman with little success. He is best known as the father of Walt Disney. Elias moved to California with his father in 1878 in hopes of finding gold. Instead, Kepple was convinced by an agent of the Union Pacific Railroad to buy two hundred acres of land near Ellis, Kansas. Elias worked on his father's new farm until 1884, when he left to find another job. He was hired in a railroad machine shop (one of his co-workers was Walter Chrysler), then he joined the railroad crew building the Union Pacific line through Colorado. After the railroad contact was over, he became a professional fiddle player in Denver.

Again he was unsuccessful, and he returned to his father's farm.

He married Flora Call on January 1, 1888, in Akron, Florida. She was the daughter of his father's neighbors. They became the parents of:

Soon after the marriage the couple moved to Chicago, Illinois, where Elias met and befriended Walter Parr, St. Paul Congregational Church's preacher. Elias named his fourth son after both himself and his close friend. According to some sources, Elias worried about the rising criminality of the city. Anyway, in 1906 he moved with his family to a farm near Marceline, Missouri. The family sold the farm in 1909 and lived in a rented house till 1910, when they moved to Kansas City.