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Eight Immortals of Huainan

This article is about one of the less famous set of Eight Immortals. For the most popular set of "Eight Immortals", see Eight Immortals, which also contains a list of other sets of Eight Immortals.

The Eight Immortals of Huainan (淮南八仙 in pinyin: huai2 nan2 ba1 xian1), also known more often as the Eight Misters (八公 ba1 gong1), are the eight scholar guests of Liu An (劉安 liu2 an1), King of Huainan of Western Han Dynasty. They are not deified in any religions and the term "Immortal" is used metaphorically to describe their talent. Together, they wrote The Philosophers of Huainan (《淮南子》 huai2 nan2 zi3), on the Daoist philosophy.

They are:

The Bagong Mountain ("Eight Misters Mountain") in China is named after them.