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Eight Immortals of Communist China

This article is about one of the less famous set of Eight Immortals. For the most popular set of "Eight Immortals", see Eight Immortals, which also contains a list of other sets of Eight Immortals.

Eight Immortals is a group of elderly members of the Communist Party of China who held substantial de facto power at the time. In Chinese, however, they are called instead the Eight Great Eminent Officials (八大元老 in pinyin: ba1 lao2), abbreviated as the Eight Elders (八老 ba1 lao2). The majority of the Immortals have died.

The name originated in the 1990s and is an allusion to the Taoist deities by the same name.

Seven of them are set:

The name of the last person varies between: Some descendants of the Immortals are in the "Crown Prince Party".

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