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Edvard Munch

Self portrait, 1895

Edvard Munch (December 12, 1863 - January 23, 1944) was a Norwegian Symbolist painter.

His The Scream (1893) is probably his most famous painting. As with many of his works, he painted several versions of it. The Scream is one of a number of works in a series entitled The Frieze of Life, which Munch assembled round the turn of the 20th century; it deals with themes of life, love, fear, and death, all of which themes recur throughout Munch's work.

The broadest collection of his works is at on display at the Munch Museum at T°yen in Oslo. Some of his paintings at The National Gallery, also in Oslo. The bar Dagligstuen at Hotel Continental in Oslo has a number of good prints.

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