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Educational Testing Service

The Educational Testing Service (or ETS) are the world's largest private educational testing and measurement organization. ETS develop various standardized examinations, primarily in the United States, but also in many other industrialized nations. Many of the assessments they develop are associated with entry to US tertiary and quaternary education institutions. As well as test development, they carry out internationally recognised educational research.

Their international headquarters are in Princeton, New Jersey, US headquarters in Princeton and Ewing, New Jersey, and European headquarters in Utrecht in the Netherlands. The ETS employs about 2,500 individuals, including 240 with doctorates and an additional 350 with other "higher degrees."

ETS is a non-profit organization. However, the organization is also self-supporting, meaning that they need to charge for assessments. Some test-takers find these prohibitively high, although test fee waivers or reductions are available for individuals whom can prove financial hardship. See SAT.

Some of the work carried out by ETS is contracted by the private, non-profit firm the College Board.


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