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Edmund II of England

Edmund II
Rank: 17th
Ruled: April 23, 1016-November 30, 1016
Predecessor: Ethelred II
Date of Birth: 989
Place of Birth: Wessex, England
Wife: Edith
Buried: Glastonbury Abbey
Date of Death: November 30, 1016
Parents: Ethelred II and Elgiva

King Edmund II of England (nicknamed Ironside for his military prowess - born in about 990 AD), was the son of King Ethelred II.

He was elected king of England by the population of London on his father's death in 1016, but his rival, Canute the Great, enjoyed greater support throughout the country.

He was eventually defeated by the Danes, and was allowed by Canute to keep the kingdom of Wessex, on the understanding that whichever of them survived the other would become ruler of the whole of England.

Shortly after making this agreement, Edmund II died, on November 30, 1016, and was buried at Glastonbury. Some say he was stabbed in the bowels while going to the privy.

Preceded by:
Ethelred II
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