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Edmund Fitzalan, 9th Earl of Arundel

Edmund Fitzalan, 9th Earl of Arundel (1285 - November 17, 1326) was an English nobleman prominent in the contention between Edward II and his barons.

He was the son of Richard Fitzalan, 8th Earl of Arundel and Alisona of Saluzzo, and succeeded to his father's estates and titles in 1302.

Arundel bore the royal robes at Edward II's coronation, but he soon fell out with the king's favorite Piers Gaveston. In 1310 he was one of the Lords Ordainer, and he was one of the 5 earls who allied in 1312 to oust de Gaveston. Arundel resisted reconciling with the king after de Gaveston's death, and in 1314 he along with some other earls refused to help the king's Scottish campaign, which contributed in part to the English defeat at Bannockburn.

A few years later Arundel allied with king Edward's new favorites, Hugh le Despenser and his son of the same name, and had his son and heir Richard married to a daughter of the younger Hugh le Despenser. He reluctantly consented to the Despenser's banishment in 1321, and joined the king's efforts to restore them in 1321. Over the following years Arundel was one of the king's principal supporters, and after the capture of Roger Mortimer in 1322 he received a large part of the forfeited Mortimer estates. He also held the two great offices governing Wales, becoming justice of Wales in 1322 and warden of the Welsh marches in 1325.

After Mortimer's escape from prison and invasion of England in 1326, amongst the barons only Arundel and his brother-in-law Warenne remained loyal to the king. Their defensive efforts were ineffective, and Arundel was captured and executed at the behest of queen Isabella.

Arundel married Alice, sister and eventual heiress of John, Earl Warenne. His estates and titles were forfeited when was executed, but they were eventually restored to his eldest son Richard Fitzalan, 10th Earl of Arundel.

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