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East of Eden (1955 movie)

Based on the novel by John Steinbeck, East of Eden was directed by Elia Kazan. The film stars James Dean as Cal and Richard Davalos as his brother Aron in this retelling of the Cain and Abel story.


Table of contents
1 Academy Awards 1956
2 BAFTA Awards 1956
3 Cannes Film Festival 1955
4 Golden Globes 1956

Academy Awards 1956

Academy Award for Best Actress: Winner Jo Van Fleet
Academy Award for Best Actor: Nominated James Dean
Academy Award for Directing: Nominated Elia Kazan
Academy Award for Best Writing, screenplay: Nominated Paul Osborn

BAFTA Awards 1956

Best Film from Any Source: Nominated
Best Foreign Actor: Nominated James Dean
Most Promising Newcomer: Nominated Jo Van Fleet

Cannes Film Festival 1955

Winner - Best Dramatic Film, Elias Kazan

Golden Globes 1956

Winner - Best Motion Picture Drama