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Duke of Manchester

The title Duke of Manchester was created for Charles Montagu, 4th Earl of Manchester, in 1719.

The subsidiary titles of the Duke of Manchester are: Earl of Manchester (created 1626), Viscount Mandeville (1620) and Baron Montagu of Kimbolton (1620). The dukedom itself is in the Peerage of Great Britain, but all of the subsidiary titles are in the Peerage of England. The courtesy title used for the eldest son and heir of the Duke of Manchester is Viscount Mandeville.

Previously, the title Earl of Manchester was created for Sir Henry Montagu, who served in several public offices, including Recorder of London, Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, Lord High Treasurer and Lord Privy Seal. His successor, the fourth Earl, who became Duke of Manchester, served as a Privy Counsellor and as a diplomat. The fourth Duke of Manchester was another member of the family who was a politician; he was a very active member of the House of Lords.

Earls of Manchester (1626)

Dukes of Manchester (1719)