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Duke of Abercorn

The title Duke of Abercorn was created in the Peerage of Ireland in 1868 and bestowed upon James Hamilton, 2nd Marquess of Abercorn.

In acknowledgement of his loyalty, James VI of Scotland (James I of England), conferred on Lord Claud Hamilton, third son of the second Earl of Arran, the Barony of Paisley. His son James Hamilton was created Baron Abercorn in 1603, then in 1606 he was made Earl of Abercorn and Lord of Mountcastle, Paisley, Hamilton and Kilpatrick. The 8th earl was created Viscount Hamilton of Leicestershire in the peerage of Great Britain in 1786. He was succeeded by his nephew who was created Marquess of Abercorn in the Peerage of Great Britain in 1790.

Thus, the subsidiary titles of the Duke of Abercorn are: Marquess of Abercorn (1790), Marquess of Hamilton (1868), Earl of Abercorn (1606), Viscount Strabane (1701), Viscount Hamilton (1786), Lord Paisley (1587), Lord Hamilton, Mountcastle and Kilpatrick (1606), Baron Hamilton of Strabane (1617) and Baron Mountcastle (1701). The eldest son and heir of the Duke uses the courtesy title Marquess of Hamilton.

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1 Earls of Abercorn (1606)
2 Marquesses of Abercorn (1790)
3 Dukes of Abercorn (1868)

Earls of Abercorn (1606)

Marquesses of Abercorn (1790)

Dukes of Abercorn (1868)