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Dubrawka of Bohemia (Polish, Dobrawa), born about 925/931 died 977. She was the daughter of duke Boleslav I of Bohemia and Adiva of England . Adiva was a daughter of King Edward I of England (Another daughter of Edward I was married to the emperor Otto I the Great).

Dubrawka was first married to Guenther von Merseburg. They had a son named Ekkehard I. Margrave Ekkehard I v. Meissen, duke of Thuringia, married Suanehild Billung and their son, margrave Hermann v. Meissen, married Regelinda or Reginlindis, a daughter of Boleslaus or Boleslaw I Chrobry.

After Guenther von Merseburg's death his widow Dubrawka married Mieszko I, who was granted the dukedom by pledging allegiance to the emperor Otto and accepting baptism.