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Drakar och Demoner

Drakar och Demoner (English: Dragons and Demons) is a Swedish role-playing game. It is not a Swedish version of Dungeons & Dragons but is rather based on Steve Perrin's Basic Role-Playing; it was later changed into its own system using D20. It is said that the first version was vey much inspired by Runequest, with the charming addition of being able to play a duck.

Drakar och Demoner was a huge hit in Sweden and it introduced a lot of people to roleplaying.

The first version were published by ─ventyrsspel and later Target Games.

From the first published adventures they created the game world Ereb Altor.

In version five they started using the new game world called Chronopia.

In version six (from Riotminds)( the game world is changed to using creatures and monsters based on scandinavian folklore instead of the standard fantasy monsters.

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