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Dragon Magazine

Dragon Magazine, first issue 1976, is one of the two official magazines for source material for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.

Each issue has a number of articles about Prestige Classes, Races, Monsters and many other subjects that can be used to enhance a Dungeons & Dragons game. It also sometimes discusses meta-gaming issues, such as getting along with fellow players.

A regular feature of Dragon has been its "Ecology of ..." articles, in which a D&D monster gets a tongue-in-cheek scientific treatment, explaining how they find food, reproduce, and so forth.

Many of the gaming world's best writers, game designers and artists have published work in the magazine.

As of 2003, Dragon is published by Paizo Publishing under agreement with Wizards of the Coast.

Dungeon Magazine is a sister magazine which publishes pre-written playtested adventures to be used in a D&D game.

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