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Donna Duck

Donna Duck is one of Walt Disney's comic book characters. She first appeared in the cartoon "Don Donald" on January 9, 1937 as Donald Duck's girlfriend. She never re-appeared in cartoons but became a regular in newspaper comic strips. She was replaced by Daisy Duck as Donald's girlfriend in 1940. Some believe that Donna and Daisy are the same character, but this can't be since both of them appeared as rivals for Donald's affection in a strip published on August 7, 1951.

The following has been purposed as this character's continuity. She is a descendant of Pintail Duck. She was born in 1918 as an older sister of Daisy. She has spent a number of years in Mexico, which explains her style of dressing. She met her distant cousin Donald in a trip of his in Mexico on 1937. She became his girlfriend until 1940 when they broke up. In the same year she became the mother of April, May and June Duck. She continued living in Duckburg at least till 1953. Since her daughters live with Daisy after that year she is presumably deceased.