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Doctor Who Magazine

Doctor Who Magazine is a (currently monthly) publication devoted to the fictional TV character Doctor Who.

This official magazine (known then as "Doctor Who Weekly") was first published in 1979, under the UK arm of comic book company Marvel Comics.

Originally geared towards children, it has since grown into a magazine about the behind the scenes aspects of the TV series Doctor Who, with many articles exploring the fine details of the programme. It also features an ongoing comic strip, featuring whichever television actor is current as the Doctor as that time (the strip has featured all 8 Doctors over the course of its time). Those who have worked on the strip include notable names such as Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, Mike McMahon, John Ridgeway and others, several of whom later went on to work for publications such as 2000 A.D, Hellblazer, Watchmen, Swamp Thing, etc.

The magazine moved from a weekly to a monthly publication in 1980, with the title changing to Doctor Who Magazine in 1984. Despite the Doctor Who series having been off the air since 1989, the magazine continues to be published to this day, under the company Panni Publishing.

In addition to Dr. Who Magazine, a number of unofficial Dr. Who fanzines are also available. Dr. Who comic strips have also featured in earlier publications, such as TV Comic during the 1960s and Countdown during the early 1970s.