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Swamp Thing

Created by Len Wein and Berni Wrightson for DC Comics, the Swamp Thing was originally Alec Holland, a man who was transformed into a "muck encrusted mockery of a man" after an explosion in his laboratory doused him with chemicals.

During the 1980s, comic book writer Alan Moore used Swamp Thing as the central character of the horror comic book series Saga of the Swamp Thing, which had a profound effect on mainstream comic books. It was the first "horror" comic to approach the genre from an adult-oriented, literate point of view since EC Comics' horror comics of the 1950s; and it gave rise to DC's Vertigo comic book line, which was written with adults in mind and which often contained material unsuitable for children. Saga of the Swamp Thing was the first mainstream comic book series to completely abandon the Comics Code Authority and write directly for adults.

There have been two movies based on Swamp Thing (the first was directed by Wes Craven), and an animated and a live-action TV series. Fans often consider these versions inferior in terms of inventiveness and creativity compared to Alan Moore's re-interpretation of the Swamp Thing legend.

DC Comics rival Marvel Comics attemped a mid seventies rival to Swamp Thing with the Steve Gerber scripted Man Thing. A precursor to both characters was shambling muck-monster The Heap, who first appeared in a 1942 Hillman comic. Also, Brazilian character "Morto do Pāntano", created by Eugenio Colonesse two years before Swamp Thing resembles in many ways Wein and Wrightson's creation.

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